Press/Photos: 2019 TCA – Day 3

“How much are we going to cry on the finale,” emotional TV critics asked Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez and EP Jennie Snyder Urman, who came to TCA to talk about the fifth/final season of their CW telenovela.

“I cry a lot in the editing room,” Snyder Urman answered, because she wasn’t going to give away the ending. She did, however, tell them that one of their writers describes telenovela as “a pornography of emotion.”

“I want you to cry throughout the entire season,” Rodriguez promised critics.

They declined to discuss details of the return of Michael (Brett Dier), who died two seasons back but appears to have had a stunning resurrection, except to tease that critics “should hold out for a romantic ending in some way.”

But TV critics did not want to wait for their “pornography of emotion.” So they asked the two when did they realize they had the relationship they have. And, 15 years from now, presuming journalism still exists what would they tell a journalist doing a 20th anniversary retrospective of this groundbreaking show, they asked. Real tugging at the heartstrings stuff.

Snyder Urman said she did not think she could have a partnership like she has with Rodriguez, whose work ethic she described as “incredible” adding that Rodriguez had changed her as a person, helped her see the world in different ways, and want to write things that would be worthy of Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, in turn, called Snyder Urman “my role model, sister, muse”.

At that point, both women were weeping. Rodriguez took Snyder Urman’s hand and kissed it.

Rodriguez also told TV critics that CW chief Mark Pedowitz had advised her early in the series run, “Remember to enjoy every minute, because every chapter comes to an end.”