Second “Jane the Virgin” season to premiere earlier

The CW’s Monday series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and “Jane the Virgin” will bow a week earlier than expected, the network announced Friday. Both shows will now premiere on Oct. 12.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” stars Rachel Bloom as an unhappy lawyer who quits her job and moves across the country in search of love, with her inner monologue providing irreverent musical interludes. The hourlong series, which was originally developed as a half-hour at Showtime, kicks off the night.

It will be followed by the second-season premiere of the critically acclaimed “Jane the Virgin,” starring Golden Globe-winner Gina Rodriguez.

A key reason for the move was to give the show a smooth launch in New York. The New York Giants’ NFL game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Oct. 19 will air in primetime on the CW station in New York.


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