Yahoo Style Interview and Outtakes

Gina did an interview and photoshoot for Yahoo Style. Check out the interview below. Outtakes have been added to our gallery!

“If we want to talk about real life, I slay, OK? Like, slaaayyy!” says Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez to Yahoo Style’s Joe Zee. But that’s not an answer anyone should be surprised by. At only 31, Rodriguez has already made a name for herself in the television industry, is the co-founder of Naja — a lingerie line with a female empowerment cause — and has won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

In this episode of I Yahoo’d Myself, Rodriguez touches on everything from “how freaking stoked” she was to dance and sing with Britney Spears during an episode of her show to why makeup should be used “to just enhance our inner beauty” and how even she has fallen into Hollywood’s dangerous body image trap.

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