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5th Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards

Last night Gina attended the 5th Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards where she was nominated for her work in “Jane the Virgin”. The show itself as well as co-star Jaime Camil were nominated too but unfortunately no one picked up an award but we are still happy the show (and Gina) was recognised and nominated. Gina lost out to Amy Schumer and the show lost out to Silicon Valley. The first couple of photos of Gina during the award show have been added to our gallery with more to follow these coming days so be sure to check back soon!

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“Jane the Virgin” Emmy Awards Promotional Material

Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez’s emotional acceptance speech for best actress in a comedy series was among the highlights at the Golden Globes in January. Portions from the aspirational address as well as Rodriguez’s equally well-received comments at last summer’s TCA press tour about her mission as an actress looking to break Latino stereotypes have become a centerpiece of CBS TV Studios’ Emmy campaign for the hourlong CW series, which successfully petitioned to compete as a comedy.

Rodriguez’s own words about fulfilling her dream and representing her Hispanic community are used instead of the customary praising quotes from critics on both the Jane The Virgin mailer and an FYC ad for the show. Also keeping with the Latin roots of the series, whose supporting actor Jaime Camil — a popular Mexican actor making his American series debut — is a formidable Emmy contender alongside Rodriguez, Jane will expand its campaign to target the Hispanic community with ads in La Opinion and Variety Latino.

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Comedy Actress A-List in Raunchy, R-Rated Roundtable

“So, what’s your policy on ‘pussy’?” inquires a polite Amy Schumer regarding what can and can’t be said during THR’s annual gathering of Emmy-contending comedy actresses. If the ensuing conversation — held inside a Manhattan studio where, at one point, one of the six women offers another oral sex — is any indication, nothing is off limits when feminism and comedy collide: From rape and death threats on Twitter to the absence of women in late night (“Les Moonves is asleep in a cave somewhere far away,” offers Lena Dunham as an explanation) to hanging their hopes on Hillary Clinton, Schumer, 34 (Inside Amy Schumer); Dunham, 29 (Girls); Gina Rodriguez, 30 (Jane the Virgin); Ellie Kemper, 35 (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt); Tracee Ellis Ross, 42 (Black-ish); and Kate McKinnon, 31 (Saturday Night Live), prove they are as fearless as they are (f—ing) funny.

What was your most mortifying moment performing comedy?

KATE MCKINNON I did stand-up at the Aspen Comedy Festival once, a tight two and a half minutes. I asked the booker afterward, “What did you think?” She said, “There wasn’t enough for me to judge, but what I saw, I didn’t like.” I went to a Starbucks and cried.

LENA DUNHAM But look at you now!

AMY SCHUMER I was opening for [comedian] Dave Attell at an Improv in Washington, D.C., and was walking past the White House. This woman came up to me; she had kind eyes. I’m like, “She’s a fan!” I was like, “I’m a comedian,” and she goes, “These people are on a hunger strike; would you perform for them?” I then noticed there were 40 people there with signs showing how long it’d been since they’d eaten. I called some friends, and I was like, “I shouldn’t do this, right? [Comedian] Jim Norton was like, “You gotta take the gig.” (Laughs.) So I tried to write hunger-strike jokes. These people looked like everyone in The Exodus.

TRACEE ELLIS ROSS You have such a good soul.

SCHUMER So I performed, and no one laughed.

GINA RODRIGUEZ They were hungry!

SCHUMER I made jokes like, “Hey, at least no waitresses will be distracting you here!” But I bombed. They put a video of it online, and I found out later they were a known terrorist organization. Making people laugh is what I can do to give back.

Check out the rest of the videos and interview at The Hollywood Reporter

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Gina staying grounded despite ‘Jane’s’ success

The night she won the Golden Globe for her warm, funny and versatile work as the kindhearted title character in the CW comedy “Jane the Virgin,” Gina Rodriguez brought her whole family — Mom and Dad, her two older sisters and their husbands — to the celebrity-filled InStyle after-party at the Beverly Hilton. They hung out for about an hour, people watching, but Rodriguez mostly sat with her parents while her sisters Iveliss and Rebecca tracked down Channing Tatum for a selfie.

Once that mission was accomplished, Rodriguez and her parents headed back to her one-bedroom Santa Monica apartment, where the 30-year-old actress made up her couch (“Of course, my mom and dad get dibs on the bed”) and conked out early. She had to be on set at 5 a.m. the next day.

“The reason I got the Golden Globe was because of my job, so I needed to make sure I wasn’t a hot mess the next day,” Rodriguez says. “Yes, they probably would have cut me a little slack, but I didn’t want to disappoint.”

You could chalk up Rodriguez’s refreshing humility and lack of pretense to the fact that she’s just now establishing herself eight years after graduating from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and hasn’t had time to hone a diva attitude. But that wouldn’t take into account the moment at that InStyle party when “Jane” creator Jennie Snyder Urman, fresh from crying like a baby over Rodriguez’s Globe win, made a beeline to meet the actress’ father so she could pick up parenting tips. “I want my daughter to turn out like Gina and her sisters,” Urman says. “So I was asking: ‘What did you say?'”

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Marie Claire Photoshoot

Earlier this year Gina did a photoshoot for Marie Claire and I’ve added outtakes from the shoot to our gallery.

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CW Upfront Presentation 2015 – Additions

More photos from the CW Upfront Presentation from May 14 have been added to our gallery. Once again a massive thanks to Ann, who is the webmaster of Charlie Cox Online, and for Gabby, who is the webmaster of Willa Holland Web for donating some of these!

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