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Photos: Diary of a Future President

Photos: Diary of a Future President

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve started to add the missing photos of Gina to the gallery starting with Diary of a Future President. Enjoy!

Photos: 2019 PaleyFest + ‘Someone Great’ Stills and Promos + Scans

Gina was in attendance yesterday at LA’s 2019 PaleyFest to talk about Jane the Virgin. I’ve added photos of her from the event and panel as well as photos of her from a couple of weeks ago where she attended the Five Feet Apart LA premiere. In addition to those event images, I’ve added new production stills and promos of Gina from the upcoming Netflix film Someone Great and magazine scans from Cosmopolitan (Sri Lanka). Enjoy!

Photos: ‘Someone Great’ Posters + Stills + Promos

I’ve added new photos of Gina from the upcoming film Someone Great. I’m really looking forward to seeing this film via Netflix.

I’m currently in the middle of packing and planning to move so updates may be a bit scarce as my time online is limited. Once I am settled updates will become more regular. Thanks for your understanding. Enjoy!

Photos: ‘Jane the Virgin’ Season One Updates

I’ve taken some time and replaced a lot of the small images as well as added some new (old) images of Gina from the first season of Jane the Virgin. Be sure to browse the albums. I will be working on season two soon so be sure to check back. Enjoy!

Press/Photos: Photo Sessions, Jane The Virgin, Scans, and More

Lots of updates done today in the backend of the gallery. I’ve started replacing the small Jane the Virgin episode stills with hiqh quality ones as well as adding missing episode stills, promotional images, posters and cover art, and on the set photos. I’ve also added high definition screencaptures of Gina from all of season 4’s episodes. On top of that, I’ve replaced many low quality photo sessions of Gina throughout the years with high quality ones as well as a couple scans. I have lots more photos to add in all 3 categories: Jane the Virgin, Photo Sessions, and Magazine Scans, so be sure to check back. Big thanks to my friend Kayla for her help with getting the Jane the Virgin screencaptures. Check out the updated categories below as listing them all would take ages. Enjoy!