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Gina dishes on “Jane the Virgin” finale

With the finale of Jane the Virgin’s first season just weeks away, breakout star Gina Rodriguez is amping up the anticipation.

“Let me tell you something, it gets better and better,” the actress teased reporters at Orgullosa’s Nuevas Latinas Living Fabulosa event in New York City on Wednesday night.

Added the actress, 30, “Our season finale, which I just wrapped two days ago, is so strong and such a shocker.”

Without giving away too many details, Rodriguez shared that the finale will feature the end of Jane’s pregnancy and some inspiring female empowerment.

“You’re going to see Jane going through the last periods of her transformation dealing with her pregnancy and her relationship with Rafael, the father of the child,” she said. “You’re going to see more of Jane’s fearlessness, more of her confidence as a woman. She’s going to really start having conversations. I can tease that women are going to be real proud.”

Fans dreading the end of the hit show’s season are in good company. Rodriguez, who earned a Golden Globe for her role, said she can’t wait to find out what’s next for Jane.

“I feel like the fans are really going to be blown away and also really want the second season to come already because I want the second season to come already. I’m like, ‘Wait! What happens next?’ ”

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on The CW.


Gina’s Childhood Story Illustrates The Need For Diversity In Film, TV

Gina Rodriguez has never been shy about pointing out the need for more diversity on television, and the “Jane The Virgin” star opened up last week with a story that illustrates how important it is for young people to see characters on screen that they can relate to.

As one of the hosts at P&G’s Orgullosa forum “Nuevas Latina Living Fabulosa” on Wednesday, Rodriguez and her co-hosts, including Entertainment Weekly correspondent Nina Terrero, radio personality Angie Martinez, and “Today” show style expert Lilliana Vazquez, spoke about what it means to be Latina today.

One audience member thanked Rodriguez for being a role model to her daughter, and Rodriguez responded with a personal story about her childhood.

“You know when I was younger — it’s crazy but it’s so true, and I’ll never forget this because my mom reminds me also — I asked her, ‘When were Puerto Ricans born? When did Puerto Ricans come about?’ And she’s like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And I was like, ‘Like when did it happen, was it in like the ’50s?’ And she was like, ‘What are you saying?!’ And I was like, ‘Well because I don’t see us anywhere. I don’t see us on the TV, I don’t see us in the movies I love. When did it happen?!’ And she’s like, ‘We’ve always been around and you will tell those stories one day.’”
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Gina covers Adweek

Even before her headline-making Golden Globe win in January, there were already signs Gina Rodriguez was going to be a big star.

At its annual screenings for the global TV market in Los Angeles last year, executives with CBS Studios International noted the personal touch Rodriguez had with some 1,500 programmers from around the world. More importantly, the buyers were entertained by Rodriguez’s CW series, Jane the Virgin—for which she won the Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, beating out the likes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Lena Dunham.

Networks in some 170 markets have bought the series so far, and it is expected to pick up more heat at the MIPTV event in Cannes, France, next month.

In the opinion of Armando Nuñez, president and CEO of CBS Global Distribution Group, the series (which originated in Venezuela) has proved to be so successful across geographic borders because of its “strong writing and great acting, making its outrageous but heartwarming premise believable. It gives a nod to the telenovela format, which also makes it an attractive show for buyers in many countries.”

For Rodriguez, who has appeared in films, on television and on the stage, her career slowly gained traction, first in New York and then Los Angeles, before it really caught fire with Jane. Here, the actress talks about joining her father on picket lines in Chicago, what she learned from Rita Moreno and the annoying part of social media.

(Warning: Some spoilers below if you haven’t watched Season 1 of Jane the Virgin yet.)

Adweek: When you first were given the script for Jane the Virgin, was it love at first read?
Rodriguez: One hundred percent, and that probably happens one out of every 200 scripts that you read. In the first five pages, I was like, “Who is this woman that wrote this?” [U.S. series creator, producer and writer Jennie Snyder Urman] is just brilliant. She’s my muse. I am absolutely in love with this woman because she’s writing about a girl who’s a Type-A personality, who’s super planned-out and who is able, in my opinion, to transcend the cultural boundaries that Latinos tend to have in the industry. Jenny continues to surprise me with each script. We read them about a day before the shoot. We don’t get to know anything about the future of our characters until then. She’s gained all of our trust beyond belief.

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How Gina Rodriguez is surviving her first wild year as Jane

Gina Rodriguez carries a heavy burden.

I’m not referring to her schedule, which has her working long days at an unassuming film and TV studio on the outskirts of Los Angeles. And I’m not referring to the many, many things she does when she’s not playing the pregnant Miami resident Jane Villanueva on “Jane the Virgin,” a role that garnered her a Golden Globe award (the CW’s first) in January.

On a recent Monday morning, I sat in a trailer with Rodriguez as she got her hair and makeup done before shooting scenes in an upcoming “Jane the Virgin” episode, and by the time she finished recounting everything she had done the previous weekend — which happened to be the weekend of the Academy Awards — I needed a nap. With genuine excitement and self-deprecating humor, she recounted a non-stop schedule of photo shoots, dress fittings, meetings, red carpets and multiple interviews. The finale of the weekend of hoopla could have been a trip to the swanky Vanity Fair party, to which she was invited. She didn’t go because she was busy working on a treatment for a documentary she wants to do about the representations of Latinos in the media.

It doesn’t sound like she will slow down once “Jane” wraps its first season in a few weeks. During her break, she hopes to shoot a movie and plans to write a book of advice for young people, something along the lines of Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now.”

“It’ll be a story of my life and all the different sayings my father gave me growing up and how I navigate through this crazy society we have, and how I don’t allow it to bring me down or make me feel less than but instead empower me and lift me up,” Rodriguez said. “Ideally I’d be able to give that to young kids, because ‘The Power of Now’ I love, but it’s so hard to get through, and I don’t think a teenager is going to pick that up in our day and age, when they can pick up an iPhone and watch TMZ.”
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Gina joins Hispanic Scholarship Fund Board of Directors

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), the nation’s largest not-for-profit supporting Hispanic American higher education, today announced the addition of Golden Globe winner actress Gina Rodriguez, to its Board of Directors effective immediately. An HSF Scholarship recipient herself, Ms. Rodriguez brings a unique, personal perspective to the organization’s cross-industry board, led by James McNamara, Founder and Chairman of Panamax Films LLC.

Ms. Rodriguez claimed her 2015 Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, after being named the “next big thing” and one of the “top 35 Latinos under 35,” by The Hollywood Reporter. The Los Angeles Times referred to her as “forthright and formidable, a festival ingenue who deserves to be discussed in the same breath as Elizabeth Olsen and Jennifer Lawrence.” Gina currently plays the title role of the CW series, “Jane the Virgin,” which won AFI and People’s Choice awards and was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Born in Chicago to Puerto Rican parents, Ms. Rodriguez started performing at age seven. Despite being confident in her career path, she pursued a higher education, attending Columbia University and graduating from New York University. “Education was number one in my household, and I was determined to pursue a degree,” Gina said. “Receiving an HSF Scholarship helped make that possible. One of my sisters is an investment banker, and the other a doctor. Both are also HSF Alumni. Serving on HSF’s board is a great opportunity to say thank you and to help open doors for the Latino students to follow. I wish I could tell every one of them how much my college education means to me,” she added.

“As HSF Alumni and long-time supporters of the Latino community, Gina and her sisters have shown the world that Latinos can, and should, aim for the top to achieve their goals. They also demonstrate that in today’s time, a college education is essential, regardless of your chosen profession,” said Fidel A. Vargas, President & CEO, Hispanic Scholarship Fund. “We are so proud of Gina’s extraordinary achievements and look forward to her insight and support, as we help shape the future of our country through outstanding young leaders like her.”


People Magazine Interview: People say ‘I’m not skinny enough’

Gina Rodriguez knows she’s not perfect.

“I work in an industry where I am constantly being told, ‘You’re not skinny enough. You’re not tall enough. You’re not ethnic enough,’ ” the Jane the Virgin star tells PEOPLE. “Being constantly told that you are not enough can wear down any woman – any person, period.”

But Rodriguez has always been able to turn to her parents – Puerto Ricans who moved to Chicago to raise Rodriguez, 30, and her two older sisters – for inspiration when she’s feeling down.

“My father was always very honest with us – and maybe crude at times. He prepared us for the game that is society,” she says of her dad Gino, who is a prominent representative for the Teamsters. “He prepared us to be able to look at billboards and magazines and say, ‘This is not the only body type that is beautiful.’ He would encourage us to find our beauty and love our beauty and accept our beauty as what God gave us.”
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