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Posted by Girl Jay on July 21, 2018

For some reason I thought I added screencaps of Gina from the “Almost Like Praying” Music Video but it seems I uploaded them and never added them. Sorry about that. I have added them to the gallery. You can buy your own copy of the song or even stream it here and proceeds go to Hispanic Federation. You can watch the music video here. I know I posted it on an old update but there it is again if you want to watch it. Enjoy the photos.

Posted by Girl Jay on July 20, 2018

During the SDCC Panel for Brooklyn Nine Nine the cast were asked on whether or not Gina would be back for the new season. This is what was said on the matter..

‘What you guys don’t know is that when Gina [Rodriguez] was on our episode, our episodes take five days to shoot and she was there for one day. That was the only day she was able to do it, her schedule is so packed, and she’s a friend of mine and so she wants to come back so badly but it just is a matter of scheduling. So, I dunno, maybe there are some other hot babes in Rosa’s future.’ – Stephanie Beatriz on Rosa’s new crush and whether that storyline with Gina Rodriguez, who skipped out on her vacation early to shoot Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will be going anywhere in season 6.

Posted by Girl Jay on July 19, 2018

Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego movie could be as funny as Game Night, since the streaming giant hired writer Mark Perez to write the Gina Rodriguez-starring movie.

Deadline reported that Perez will write the new movie, as his follow-up to Game Night, which was directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein. The New Line comedy was a hit with critics and grossed $117 million worldwide. Goldstein also wrote Accepted (2002) and The Country Bears (2002).

The movie is just one part of Netflix’s “all-in” approach to the Carmen Sandiego brand, which it acquired the live-action film rights to in March. However, Netflix announced plans for an animated series almost a year earlier, in April 2017.

Rodriguez signed on to star in the film, and will also voice the title character in an animated series to be released in 2019. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which owns the property, will also publish a new line of books.

Rodriguez is producing the Carmen Sandiego movie under her I Can And I Will banner, with Kevin Misher and Caroline Fraser. The executive producer is Andy Berman of Misher Films. Berman also worked with Rodriquez on Miss Bala, an English-language adaptation of a 2011 Mexican film that comes out on Jan. 25, 2019.

The animated series will also star Finn Wolfard, who plays Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things. He was cast as Carmen’s accomplice, Player, in April.

Posted by Girl Jay on July 02, 2018

I’ve added a bunch of missing photos of Gina filming Someone Great in April and May. I’ve added them to the gallery. I can’t wait for this movie. Enjoy!

Posted by Girl Jay on June 24, 2018

I’ve added new photos of Gina from the set of Untitled Miranda July Project which is set to open next year. There is little news on this film. Enjoy the photos.

Posted by Girl Jay on June 19, 2018

Yet another reason to love Gina.. I mean, how can you not love her?

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is breaking from unwritten Emmys tradition this year to make a difference in the life of one young woman.

The 2018 Emmy nominations will be announced in July and, as such, major TV networks and studios have been doling out massive amounts of money over the past few months to bankroll FYC campaigns for their submitted actors, creators, and shows. It’s an expensive undertaking, and often an unsuccessful one. And so this year, Rodriguez has convinced The CW to do something a little different: putting her chunk of the FYC spend toward a college scholarship for an undocumented high school student.

Rodriguez, a member of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s board of directors since 2015, partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles to locate a Latinx high school student who plans to attend Princeton University in the fall. With the Jane the Virgin star’s support, the student (who’ll remain unnamed) will be able to complete a four-year degree without financial burden.

“FYC is a bizarre dance,” the star told The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the news. “Whatever you do requires an insane amount of money.”

In one of peak TV’s great injustices, Rodriguez has never received an Emmy nomination for her role on Jane the Virgin; she did, however, win a Golden Globe in 2015, and has since been nominated twice more at the Globes in the same category. Jane the Virgin‘s fourth season is currently up for awards; it’ll return for its fifth and final season next year.

“Our show has always jumped at any opportunity to help me do something for the Latinx community,” said Rodriguez. “So I asked my showrunner, Jennie [Snyder Urman], if we could do something different with the money this year.”

As the House charges toward a vote on immigration legislation this week, it’s unclear whether Rodriguez’s chosen college-bound student is a DACA or DREAM Act beneficiary. But Jane the Virgin has dug deeply into Latinx identity and immigration issues throughout its acclaimed run. In one storyline the series tackled, Jane’s grandmother, Alba, sought a path toward citizenship after being in the country undocumented for 40 years.

For her part, Rodriguez has been vocal about the difficulties of paying off student loans. She told Teen Vogue last year that it took 11 years for her to pay off loans she took out to attend New York University’s Tisch School if the Arts and that she was only able to do so the day she was nominated for her second Golden Globe.