Gina opens up about her boyfriend Henri Esteve

We’ve seen Gina Rodriguez and her hottie boyfriend Henri Esteve together and up close, and let us just say that they make for one fine couple.

The Jane the Virgin star and Revenge actor have been dating for about a year.

“He’s gorgeous! And he’s talented! And he’s a really, really good guy!” Rodriguez gushed about Esteve when I caught up with her the other day at a photo shoot (more on that later!).

Rodriguez says there is no big secret to making their “great relationship” work.

“I just know that I have a very strong [and] supportive boyfriend,” she said. “He’s an amazing artist himself who respects the craft…He supports me and I think that’s all that matters. We’re very honest and there’s a lot of communication. He knows that my priority is Jane and him and family.”

She also confessed that it helps that they’re both “nutty.”

Rodriguez is one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars. Not only did her work as Jane earn her a Golden Globe, but she’s rumored to have snagged a co-starring role opposite Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming oil spill drama, Deepwater Horizon. And she tweeted just yesterday that she’s filming an appearance today on…Sesame Street!

Even with all the success, Rodriguez remains grounded. There is no diva behavior. There is no starving herself to be thinner.

She says her father empowered her self-esteem early on by pointing out billboards to her and her two sisters.

“He would say, ‘That’s one version of beauty and you’re another and that woman’s another and mom is another,'” Rodriguez said, adding, “Usually when someone tells you that you are not good enough, that your are not strong enough, that you are not pretty enough or skinny enough, it’s usually fear that exists within them—not within you.”

And her mom taught her how to love herself without makeup.

“When I put makeup on, I’m playing and I’m having fun and I’m feeling good about myself,” Rodriguez said. “But when I take it off, I’m loving my life and I feel good about myself.”


Gina on Skin Care

Has the popularity of Jane the Virgin made Gina Rodriguez more self-conscious about how she looks in public? In a word, yes. Two days after she wrapped shooting the show’s dramatic season finale, we caught up with her at a Proctor & Gamble Nueva Latinas Living Fabulosa event in New York City and asked how she’s stepped up her beauty regime after winning a Golden Globe for her breakout role. Also present: Her Jane costar Diane Guerrero and Selenis Leyva of Orange Is the New Black.

Has all the attention made you take your beauty regime up a big notch?

Gina Rodriguez: “Yes. I’m wearing makeup so much more now. And I’m not a woman who wore so much. I had to make sure that I was taking care of my skin, since there are so many products covering up my pores. I use different things; it depends on the time of month and stuff like that. It changes. I love Dermalogica. I love Cetaphil, so many brands. And I’m lucky that I have an amazing makeup artist. She’s incredible. Chris, I love you! And people are letting me wear clothes I wasn’t getting to wear before, so I kind of love that. I love to play dress-up.”


Gina dishes on “Jane the Virgin” finale

With the finale of Jane the Virgin’s first season just weeks away, breakout star Gina Rodriguez is amping up the anticipation.

“Let me tell you something, it gets better and better,” the actress teased reporters at Orgullosa’s Nuevas Latinas Living Fabulosa event in New York City on Wednesday night.

Added the actress, 30, “Our season finale, which I just wrapped two days ago, is so strong and such a shocker.”

Without giving away too many details, Rodriguez shared that the finale will feature the end of Jane’s pregnancy and some inspiring female empowerment.

“You’re going to see Jane going through the last periods of her transformation dealing with her pregnancy and her relationship with Rafael, the father of the child,” she said. “You’re going to see more of Jane’s fearlessness, more of her confidence as a woman. She’s going to really start having conversations. I can tease that women are going to be real proud.”

Fans dreading the end of the hit show’s season are in good company. Rodriguez, who earned a Golden Globe for her role, said she can’t wait to find out what’s next for Jane.

“I feel like the fans are really going to be blown away and also really want the second season to come already because I want the second season to come already. I’m like, ‘Wait! What happens next?’ ”

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on The CW.


Gina’s Childhood Story Illustrates The Need For Diversity In Film, TV

Gina Rodriguez has never been shy about pointing out the need for more diversity on television, and the “Jane The Virgin” star opened up last week with a story that illustrates how important it is for young people to see characters on screen that they can relate to.

As one of the hosts at P&G’s Orgullosa forum “Nuevas Latina Living Fabulosa” on Wednesday, Rodriguez and her co-hosts, including Entertainment Weekly correspondent Nina Terrero, radio personality Angie Martinez, and “Today” show style expert Lilliana Vazquez, spoke about what it means to be Latina today.

One audience member thanked Rodriguez for being a role model to her daughter, and Rodriguez responded with a personal story about her childhood.

“You know when I was younger — it’s crazy but it’s so true, and I’ll never forget this because my mom reminds me also — I asked her, ‘When were Puerto Ricans born? When did Puerto Ricans come about?’ And she’s like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And I was like, ‘Like when did it happen, was it in like the ’50s?’ And she was like, ‘What are you saying?!’ And I was like, ‘Well because I don’t see us anywhere. I don’t see us on the TV, I don’t see us in the movies I love. When did it happen?!’ And she’s like, ‘We’ve always been around and you will tell those stories one day.’”
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iHeartRadio Music Awards

After attending the Variety Actors on Actors event yesterday Gina attended the iHeartRadio Music Awards where she presented the award for Best Lyrics to Taylor Swift. Photos have been added to our gallery thanks to my friend Claudia, who is the webmaster of The McDonnell Rule.

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Variety’s Actors on Actors: Emmy Edition

Gina attended the Variety’s Actors on Actors: Emmy Edition earlier today. Gina looked absolutely stunning so be sure to check the out the photos that have been added to our gallery, once again thanks to my friend Claudia, who is the webmaster of The McDonnell Rule.

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Public Appearances > 2015 > Mar 29 | Variety’s Actors on Actors: Emmy Edition

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