Photos: Hosting Carmen Sandiego Day in Miami

Photos: Hosting Carmen Sandiego Day in Miami

Gina hosted Carmen Sandiego Day in Miami. She was so adorable with all the Carmen kid fans. I’ve added photos to the gallery. Enjoy!

Photos: 2019 Golden Globe Awards + Photo Sessions

Photos: 2019 Golden Globe Awards

Gina was in attendance at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards last night. She looked so beautiful. I’ve added hundreds of photos from the event so check them out in the gallery. I want to thank my amazing friends, Maria, Claudia, Victoria, Kayla, for their donations and help as I have been recovering from pain and haven’t been able to come on much. Enjoy!

Video: Carmen Sandiego Trailer

With its January 18th release date fast approaching, Netflix is finally giving audiences their first glimpse at the new iteration of master thief, Carmen Sandiego. The animated series, set to star the voice of Gina Rodriguez as the titular master criminal, is the first of a franchise being built around the character, with Rodriguez also set to appear in a live-action movie. And based on this initial trailer, Carmen Sandiego looks to take ’90s nostalgia and infuse it with some Alias-level skill.

The first poster for the series gave us an early look at the animation style, which appears to be a blend of anime and standard 2-D. A lot of clean lines and bright colors dominate as we meet Carmen, a thief trained in a legendary crime school by the nefarious group V.I.L.E. But when Carmen discovers V.I.L.E.’s evil intentions she transitions into being a “thief who steals from other thieves.” We watch Carmen, along with her partner-in-crime, Player (voiced by Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard), as she takes on a Robin Hood persona of stealing from the evil to benefit mankind. There’s plenty of suspense and adventure, along with several shots of Carmen’s amazing red mane blowing in the breeze. Audiences will also get to hear a bit of the new Carmen Sandiego theme song!

Compared to the ’90s iteration of Carmen Sandiego, which was more an adventure of the week deal, this appears to have a very clear plot drawn from the likes of James Bond and the aforementioned Alias. Carmen isn’t a one-dimensional villain but a woman with a mysterious past; I mean, she’d have to be in order to want to be train in thievery, right? Her use of gadgets and gizmos – all hidden in her big red coat – looks amazing, and Rodriguez’s voice is just distinct enough for audiences, yet isn’t distracting enough to overpower the character. It’s gonna be great to see Carmen Sandiego given a polish for 2019!

Press/Photos/Video: Screen Queens with Ellen Pompeo, Emma Roberts, Gina Rodriguez & Gabrielle Union

Press/Photos/Video: Screen Queens with Ellen Pompeo, Emma Roberts, Gina Rodriguez & Gabrielle Union

Welcome to the third annual Women in Television issue, which celebrates some of the industry’s most incredible women and asks them to debate the problems facing females working in TV. From fair pay to power imbalances and speaking up on set, they get vocal in this unmissable interview…

Rodriguez, 34, rose to fame as the titular star of acclaimed comedy Jane the Virgin, which is currently in its final season. In 2015, she was the first actor on the CW Network to win a Golden Globe, and this year donated the money that was set aside for her Emmy campaign to pay for the college tuition of an undocumented Latina student. She set up I Can & I Will Productions to tackle the lack of Latinx representation on- and off-screen

My favorite TV show growing up was Martin. I love comedy and Martin Lawrence was revolutionary in that time because there weren’t many people of color on screen. He lived with his wife Gina in a small apartment… It just felt much more relatable than, say, Full House, which definitely wasn’t the way I was raised at all.

Growing up as a Latina in the United States, I didn’t see us portrayed positively on TV. When you see certain images repeated so often, the reflection of representation on screen makes you feel a certain way about yourself. You tell somebody over and over again that they’re something, eventually they’re gonna believe it. I just wonder how much more tolerant our society would be if there weren’t such stereotypical roles portrayed for so long. If Latinos weren’t always portrayed as the villain, would we really feel a particular way about that community? If Muslims weren’t portrayed as the terrorists, would we feel a certain way about that community? I don’t think so. Art does, I believe, create tolerance. It can be responsible for healing so much – when it’s a reflection of reality.

I grew up economically challenged. We did not have much, at all. When I would do small short films or things for barely any money and I could barely pay rent, my father would tell me: “Don’t worry about the money you’re making now. You prove to them how much you’re worth!” And I used to think, “Do I know how much I’m worth? Have I been taught how much I’m worth?” Now, when I get blessed to be the lead or get a big film, do I know my worth? And do I know how to ask for my worth? How do you get that when you’re not taught it?

When I get the chance to watch television, I love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – they’re really awful people and they remind you that there’s funny in the world of awful. I started watching Vida, which is very cool – I’m really proud of [screenwriter] Tanya Saracho for creating something new and revolutionary. And The Good Place brings me so much happiness and light-heartedness right now. But if I was going to award anything, I’d say Black Mirror. We should be using it as a guide to what we shouldn’t do in our culture.

I feel extremely listened to as a woman on set. Very empowered. Very respected. Jane the Virgin is female-led – 70% female writers, 70% female cast, 70% female directors – so it’s very common to see women in high-powered positions on our show. I know that’s not common, so I don’t take that for granted. At all.

The TV show of my life would be called I’m Just Trying.

Watch Season 5 of Jane the Virgin on Netflix now

Press: The CW 2019 Midseason: ‘Jane the Virgin’ Moves To Wednesdays

As the fall TV season nears its end, it’s time to start looking forward to midseason premieres and returns and The CW is giving fans plenty to get excited about.

The highly anticipated Roswell reboot Roswell, New Mexico finally has a premiere date — January 15. Meanwhile, Black Lightning will move to Mondays following Arrow, beginning January 21. The shift will bump DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to its former Monday time slot.

New series In the Dark is scheduled to debut Thursdays once Legacies finishes its 16-episode first-season run. Meanwhile Jane the Virgin will return for its final season on a new night — Wednesdays. No premiere date has been announced fore Jane just yet, but it’s sure to come soon.

Photos: Eva Longoria Foundation Dinner

Photos: Eva Longoria Foundation Dinner

Gina was in attendance at the Eva Longoria Foundation dinner last night. I’ve added photos to the gallery. She looked so beautiful! Enjoy.

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